Substation Automation Systems

Enable an electric utility to remotely monitor, control and coordinate the distribution components installed in the substation

Communication Elements

  • MiCOM H-Series Ethernet Switches - Secure and Reliable Ethernet Switches

Controllers and RTUs

  • MiCOM C264 - Modular and Compact Substation or Bay Controller, Smart RTU and Protocol Convertor
  • MiCOM C434 - Bay Unit for Control and Monitoring
  • SAGE Remote Terminal Units For reliable and secure remote terminal data, today and tomorrow
  • SAITEL - Compact, scalable, powerful communications

Power Management System

  • PACiS - Digital Control System for Substation Automation

Engineering Tools

  • PACiS SCE - System Configuration Editor for Power Automation
  • PACiS SMT - System Management Tool

Graphical User Interface

  • PACiS OI - Operator Interface Platform for Power Automation
  • PACiS SUI - Substation User Interface for the new generation of Smart Substations

SCADA & EMS Gateways

  • OASyS SCADA - Robust, flexible, and secure enterprise solution
  • PACiS GTW - SCADA & EMS Gateway

Simulation Tools

  • Conventional Control Systems - Engineered Panel Solutions
  • PACiS ES - Equipment Simulator Application

Advanced Distribution Management System

  • ADMS - Make smarter distribution decisions