Prefabricated Data Center Modules

Cooling Modules

  • Module Optimized Cooling - Prefabricated, chilled water piping system with variable speed pumps and controls that provides an efficient and flexible solution for Tier II and III data center cooling.

IT Modules

  • SmartShelter Container - Racks, power distribution, air conditioning, management software, and security integrated into a weather proof enclosure to create a functional IT space.
  • SmartShelter Module - Spacious, prefabricated solution for IT infrastructure. Modules are purpose-built, secure, weather proof, and fire-rated, offering the maximum level of features and performance.

Power Modules

  • Enclosed Power Module - Integrated UPS, switchgear and management software in a weather proof enclosure, optimized for scalable data center power
  • Skid Mounted Power Module - Integrated UPS, switchgear, and management software, optimized for scalable power for large data centers