Power & Energy Monitoring System

Advanced utility metering

  • PowerLogic ION8650 - Revenue and power quality meters for utility network monitoring
  • PowerLogic ION8800 - IEC/DIN rack-mount meters for utility network monitoring

Advanced metering

  • PowerLogic CM4000T - High performance meters for mains or critical loads on HV/LV networks
  • PowerLogic ION7550/ION7650 - High performance meters for utility networks, mains or critical loads on HV/LV networks

Intermediate metering

  • PowerLogic ION7300 series - Highly-configurable meters for feeders or critical loads
  • PowerLogic PM800 series - Compact, modularly flexible meters for feeders or critical loads
  • PowerLogic PM8000 series  -Simplifying power quality, maximizing versatility

Basic multi-function metering

  • PowerLogic EM4300 / WT4200 - power and energy meters with wireless communication
  • PowerLogic ION6200 - Panel meters for feeders or tenant space
  • PowerLogic PM3000 series - DIN rail power meters for basic metering applications
  • PowerLogic PM5000 series - Compact, versatile meters for energy cost and basic network management applications
  • PowerLogic PM700 series - Compact, versatile meters for feeders or critical loads

Multi-circuit metering

  • EM4000 series - Multi-circuit energy meter for high density networks
  • PowerLogic BCPM - Branch Circuit Power Meter

Basic energy metering

  • Acti 9 iEM2000 series - Single-phase DIN rail-mounted energy meters
  • Acti 9 iEM3000 series - DIN rail, 3-phase energy meters for monitoring distribution panels
  • Acti 9 iME - DIN-rail enery meters for single-phase circuits up to 63A
  • PowerLogic E5600 - High accuracy power and energy socket meter
  • PowerLogic Enercept - Split-core CT form factor for basic electrical metering

Basic panel metering

  • Analog AMP / VLT / iAMP / iVLT - Panel & DIN-rail mounted Ammeters and Voltmeters
  • CH / iCH - Panel & DIN-rail mounted hour counters
  • CMA / CMV / iCMA / iCMV - Panel & DIN-rail mounted modular selector switches
  • Digital iAMP / iVLT / iFRE - DIN-rail mounted ammeter - voltmeter - frequencemeter
  • iCI DIN-rail mounted impulse counter

Current Transformers

  • CT - Current transformers


  • Enerlin'X Com'X - Energy servers and data loggers
  • PowerLogic EGX100 - Ethernet gateways
  • PowerLogic EGX300 - Integrated gateway-server
  • PowerLogic G3200 - Modbus to IEC 61850 Gateway
  • PowerLogic ION7550 RTU - Remote terminal unit for data acquisition and integrated utilities metering

Meter Configuration Utilities

  • ION Setup 3.0 Meter configuration and verification utility

Power Monitoring & Control Software

  • Power Monitoring Expert 8.0 - Power management software
  • StruxureWare PowerSCADA Expert 8.0 - Power management and control software

Energy Management Software

  • Power Monitoring Expert Data Center Edition - Energy management system that provides power system intelligence for data centers' power distribution system
  • Power Monitoring Expert Healthcare Edition - Energy management system that provides power system intelligence for healthcare power distribution systems
  • PowerLogic ION EEM 4.0 - Enterprise energy management software

Smart Metering

  • Conductor MDM™ - Power, scale and flexibility for your growing network
  • Titanium Advanced Meter Infrastructure - Take metering to the next level