Energy and power digitization

Interfaces and gateways

  • Acti 9 Smartlink - Energy digitization down to final switchboards
  • Enerlin'X Com'X - Energy servers and data loggers
  • Enerlin'x FDM - LCD Display
  • Enerlin'X IF - Ethernet interface and gateway
  • Enerlin'X IO - Input/Output application module

Configuration software

  • Power Launcher - Configuration Software

Power Launcher Configuration Software

  • Compact NSX <630A - MCCB from 100 to 630 A combining best in class protection functions with advanced energy management capabilities
  • iCT - Contactors
  • Indication & Tripping - Electrical auxiliaries for MCBs, RCDs, Switches, remote control, automatic recloser
  • iTL - Impulse relays
  • Micrologic - Control units for Masterpact NT/NW and Compact NS630b to 3200
  • RCA - Remote Control Auxiliary for iC60 MCBs
  • Reflex iC60 - Integrated Control Circuit Breakers

Digital-enabled meters

  • Acti 9 iEM3000 series DIN rail, 3-phase energy meters for monitoring distribution panels
  • PowerLogic PM3000 series DIN rail power meters for basic metering applications
  • PowerLogic PM5000 series Compact, versatile meters for energy cost and basic network management applications
  • PowerLogic PM700 series Compact, versatile meters for feeders or critical loads
  • PowerLogic PM800 series Compact, modularly flexible meters for feeders or critical loads