Emergency Lighting


Central Battery System

  • Exiway Power - Exiway Power
  • Exiway Power Control - A brilliant idea to centralise safety

Addressable System

  • Addressable luminaires, exit signs and conversion kits - Exiway One, Exiway Plus, Exiway Class, Astro Guida, Quick Signal, Esy, Lys, Evx Ferro, Evx Power
  • Dardo Plus System - Control Unit, Interfaces, Address tester, Printer, Software
  • Exiway One -

Conversion Kits

  • Evx Ferro - Conversion kit for ferromagnetic ballasts
  • Evx Power - Conversion kit for electronic and ferromagnetic ballasts

Exit Signs

  • Astro Guida - Simple cold cathode light source. Standard & self-diagnosis versions
  • Esy - High end: wrap-around screen, metallic body, cold cathode tube. Standard & self-diagnosis versions
  • Lys - Stylish: slim screen, metallic body, cold cathode tube. Standard & self-diagnosis versions
  • Maxi Slim - 60 & 80 m visibility for large places. Standard version
  • Quick Signal - Elegant Led product. Standard & self-diagnosis versions


  • Exiway - Exiway One, the most versatile. Exiway Plus, the most designed. Exiway Class, the most class. Standard & self-diagnosis versions
  • Exiway Easyled - Nice Led light product for small installations. 37 mm of thickness. Standard version
  • Guardian - 1050 lumens! Concentrated beams for high height places or special applications. Standard version
  • Luxa - Fresnel cover glass for efficiency, coloured frames for integration. Standard version
  • Primalum - Dedicated for small installations.Standard version
  • Rilux - Simple and smart product for small installations. Standard version

Portable Lamps

  • Jodiolux Powerful and high quality nylon lamp for rough applications
  • Top 4 Rechargeable lamp for domestic and professional use
  • Toplux Powerful rechargeable lamp for domestic and professional use