SAFI Armaturen

1. The ABS double union ball valve

Valves with pneumatic actuators

- Kinetrol vane type actuators

- Max-Air corrosion resistant thermoplastic and aluminium actuators

- Special actuators (available on request)

- Options include : Limit switch boxes, Solenoid valves,

Manual over-ride, Positioners 3-15 PSI or 4-20 mA available

Valves with electric actuators

- Various electric actuators are available, all voltage DC 12V, 24V, 48V and AC 110V, 240V

- Corrosion resistant acutators IP65/NEMA 4

- Industrial actuators for safe areas IP65 or IP67

- ATEX actuators or hazardous areas

- Options include : Anti-condensate heater, Potentiometers,

Extra switches, Battery back-up

Options for manual operations

- Lockable handle (1)

- Extended stem (2)

- Spring return handle (3)

- Handwheel Reduction (4)

Ball cavity relief hole

The ball of SAFI ball valves may be provided with a lateral hole on the upstream side to

vent the ball cavity in the closed position. This is recommended to avoid trapped pressurized

fluids and avoids accidents with chemicals which tend to decompose, producing gases such

as hydrogen peroxide.

3 way Valves

Three-way ball valves are available up to DN100, with L-Ball, double L or T-ball.

Available in manual and actuated options.

Benefit from all the advantages of the ABS Double Union ball valve

> Easy jointing due to solvent welding

> Tough and durable

> Good abrasion resistance

> Corrosion free

> Good thermal properties

> Long term stability

> UV Resistant

> Problem free recycling

> High mechanical strength

> Chemical resistance to acids, alkalis and salts.

ABS - Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene

ABS was introduced in 1948, it is a tough and durable general purpose thermoplastic material, it is widely used in industrial applications including safety hard hats, automotive parts, computer keyboards and VDU’s.

Due to its lightweight and high impact strength it has proven ideal for rigid pressure piping

systems. Its solvent cement jointing system makes it a popular choice for many industries as

installation can be carried out without the need for special tools or equipment.

It has a wide operating temperature range which makes it the material of choice for many

water treatment, reverse osmosis, pure water, cooling and distribution systems. ABS remains

ductile even at low temperatures (usual precautions should be taken to avoid freezing).

Acrylonitrile : provides good thermal and chemical resistance properties.

Butadiene : adds good impact strength and durability.

Styrene : gives a glossy finish for great flow characteristics and makes for easy machining